April Fool’s Day is cancelled this year, because this year has already been one big joke?

Not a funny one, with all the panic buying, social distancing, churches, clubs, etc. being forced to close and cancel.

Whatever we did to make you angry universe, we are sorry. Please forgive us and grant us a do over. PLEASE!!!

Starting Over

When I first started blogging, it was supposed to be all about fitness and nutrition. I din’t publish much, except in bits and pieces, and rarely addressed nutrition at all.

Now, I am uncertain of what direction to go in, if at all. I still do my daily fitness walking, but it has ceased to be the most important part of my life. I do have thoughts about politics, religion and other facets of life, so I think I am just going to just do random things for a while. If you are still a follower, thanks for sticking with me. I’ll try to post some interesting thought and/or observations. We’ll see how it goes.


I’m So Confused!

After the last Microsoft update to Windows 10, My Old HP laprop ceased to operate. It will turn on, but nothing will run. Not even the backup discs. The drive will not run.

After fighting it for weeks, I threw it away. Being retire and on a fixed income, I got on eBay and looked for a replacement. All the laptops and C’s were way beyond my price range, but I found a refurbished Chromebook laptop.

It works fine and I’m amazed at it’s 3 second startup, but I am totally mystified at how to get the games that I played on the old laptop, to download to download and be easily accesible on the Chromebook.

Could any readers give me some guidance on how to set up folders? Also,when I’ve downloaded a game, it goes to my cellphone instead of the PC. Any suggestions or websites would be greatly appreciated! If you can send suggestions or websites, please send them to me at Thanks!


New Direction

When I retired, I was all caught up in the freedom to Exercise and loose weight. I did well for a while, but after a couple of years, I slacked off. I had been down from 240+, to 175 -178. This morning, I weighed in at 196.4. So, that needs to be corrected.

Second, and far more important, is the current position in my relationship to Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God. At age 73, I am closer to the other side, than I am to this world.  As many Christians do, I was on fire for God in the first few years, then  grew rather complacent about witnessing and winning people to Christ. That needs to change. I have learned more about the wonderful grace (unearned favor) of God, and how we don’t need to go around feeling guilty and having human failings all the time. Christ paid for our sins, past present and future. I need to be sharing that, because too many churches preach backsliding and repeat trips to the altar. We have an advocate with God,through Jesus. That’s what needs to be taught. The Good News!

So, I didn’t do as most folks do, and make new year resolutions. I have started spending more time in prayer and communion with the Lord, especially on my daily walks. I pray for needs of others before I do my own, and try to listen to the still, small, voice that we hear from the Holy Spirit,  I don’t worry about who is President, who is my Congress person, et al, I do follow the admonition of Saint Paul, and pray for those in authority over us, as we all should. The rest I leave up to God. He is the one who is in control, not us!

So, in closing, I urge my fellow followers if Christ, to realize the end is near, that there are many of our friends and coworkers who are lost, and we are the only chance that they have in their lives, to see Jesus. Time is running out. Time to change direction!

Vaping Can Be A Good Thing

All of this fuss about vaping, all of a sudden. Why? Could it possibly be that the tobacco industry feels threatened by number of people vaping? I actually have no idea what does the tobacco industry makes any money from the chemicals involved or not.

I do know that our youth do not need to be using any kind of addictive product at all! It is a sad fact about young people, that if adults feel like they should be should not be using something, they are going to do their best to use it! Stop and think. You were young once! Did you not feel that way as well?

The point of this post is that all vaping is not bad. My wife was a smoker for over 50 years. A heavy smoker! She had at one time or another tried the patches, the logenzes, the nicotine gum, and other assorted practices. None with any success.

Then, after I had seen a man vaping on his Periscope posts, and decided to ask him what that was all about, I mentioned it to my wife that he vaped nicotine containing juices that were flavored, and that he didn’t spend nearly the amount of money that he did when he smoked cigarettes.

At first, she was not interested at all. But, our granddaughter’s friends who vaped told her how much that they liked the various flavors which got her interested. So, my granddaughter encouragd her to try vaping, and she did.

After using a vaping mod for some time, she discovered that you can buy vape juice in various different nicotine strengths. I had been nagging her for years to quit smoking and she decided she would try, by slowly using different strengths of vape juice, until she got down to where she bought vape juice with zero nicotine.

After several months doing this, he reached the point where she was able to stop using nicotine at all. it has now been almost three years since she has had a cigarette in her mouth. And now, she is at the point where she hardly ever even Vapes. And I have seen absolutely no ill-effects by her using nicotine free vape juice. No coughing, no lung problems, or any other side effects as far as I can tell.

A 50 plus year tobacco addiction broken by vaping! Not only do we save a lot of money by the loss of cigarette expenses, I can kiss my sweetheart without having to smell the stink of tobacco. It is wonderful!

To repeat, I think that it is wrong to sell any product to any young person that is addicted. But, I would hate to see them take something off the market that will allow a long time nicotine addict to be free of that monkey on their back!

If you have read this blog, and you are a smoker who would like to be free, I highly recommend that you find a vape provider that sells different strengths of nicotine vape juice and do what my wife did to be free. Do some research yourself, decide whether you feel that is safe or not, make your own decision whether you wish to try it or not.

I do not work for anybody connected with any industry that manufactures anything. I am a retired retail worker. I hope that this blog will help somebody makes the decision to give getting free from tobacco a try!